I was on the fence about sending our girl away for training but with a last minute cancellation and not much time to debate we took the plunge. We couldn’t be happier with Eve training our Koda girl. She sent videos and picture along with progress updates. Since Eve had Koda over the Thanksgiving holiday she sent us the best picture of Koda waiting patiently at the dining table! Now that Koda is home we continue working on commands. I believe the training has brought the bond between Koda and myself closer. I even use the place command to get in a couple extra snuggles and Koda doesn’t seem to mind either.


Our 2.5 year old rescue worked with Sarahin the two week board and train program and came home a completely changed dog. Though our dog has always been both a great & sweet dog, she did need some manners and better control. Beforehand, her prey drive was so strong that we could not have her off leash in any setting where there was even the slightest  of a distraction. She can now be off leash anywhere, and this is a game changer for our dog and our family. Wedefinitely recommend checking these guys out if you feel like you’re stuck trying to work through issues of recall and/or impulse control.


Eve did a fantastic job with George, our 2 year old lab! George was not a bad dog by any means, but he did have his moments. We dropped him off to the Off Leash K9 Training two week board & train program as an unruly student and he came back much more calm and ready to listen to all  of his new commands.  While all of the commands we learned are useful, walking off leash with heel command has been the most useful for our fanily. It has depressurized my family’s relationship with him, which is a huge takeaway. We would highly recommend Eve and her team!