Dog Obedience Training in Vermont

Northern Vermont Off Leash K9 Training — an award-winning, dog-training business boasting more than 115 locations nationwide — is now available to Burlington residents and their canine charges of all breeds and ages, courtesy of Stockbridge, Massachusetts Transplant Eve-Marie Troy.

Aggressive dogs, fussy dogs, shy dogs and even dogs sporting an overall unruly nature can all benefit from obedience training unlike what has been offered before in Vermont’s Queen City. As head trainer of Northern Vermont Off Leash K9 Training (OLK9), Troy brings her passion for animals and a sense of altruism to the job. She realized early on that her love of pets and concern for the welfare of people and animals fueled her desire to make a difference; to change the world for the better. Offering packages such as Basic Obedience, Basic and Advanced Obedience, a Therapy Dog Program and a Two-Week Board and Train Program, Troy is able to address and correct just about any canine behavioral challenge.

According to Troy, “What’s so great about OLK9 Training programs is that they provide trainers with a unique set of tools to help most any dog. Through our private lessons and dog behavior consultations we are able to assess what is behind unwanted behaviors and take the proper steps to correct them, without the restriction of a leash.”

Use of an e-collar that produces a subtle pulse similar in intensity to a gentle tap on the shoulder engenders a positive form of communication and strengthens the bond between pet and pet owner. Upon completion of Northern Vermont OLK9 Training, dogs display the same level of obedience as police and military dogs.

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If you are looking to maximizing your dog’s natural abilities and have an obedient pet that you can control with ease, contact Vermont. Master Dog Trainer. Your privacy and pet’s issues are protected. You are offered the utmost consideration to make sure your situation with your pet/s. Expert Training for all breeds, all ages, and all issues.


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